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Day 6 Mykonos, Greece

If ever there is a Greek Island to fall in love with, it’s Mykonos! The Coral arrived off shore at around 5pm, and passengers were once more taken ashore by tender. We were fortunate a calm sea allowed us to go direct to Mykonos itself. Some sea conditions force the cruise ships to anchor further down the coast. If this happens, going ashore to Mykonos involves a tender and a bus transfer.

Arriving later in the day was a benefit. Many of the afternoon visitors had already left and the evening bustle had yet to begin. We were able to explore the town in comfortable balmy temperatures too, rather than in the full heat of the sun.

Coral’s passengers had the choice of two optional excursions:

  • Island Tour and Myconian Aperitif
  • Beach Transfer

Others, like us, explored the delights of Mykonos on foot.

Mykonos really is the perfect Greek Island. The narrow cobbled streets wind their way gently up the hill giving fascinating glimpses into the people, their life and culture. The beautiful white buildings with their gaily coloured paintwork make Mykonos exactly what you would imagine a Greek Island to be!

While clearly another tourist hot spot, Mykonos has class and taste. There was no mass market tourist junk here! Elegant shops with a dazzling array of jewellery, clothes, and shoes, made us deeply regret leaving the credit card behind on-board the Coral!

We left Mykonos by tender just after watching the sun set over the Aegean – another magical experience. This breathtaking island is definitely on our ‘must-return’ list.