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Day 3 Katakolon, Greece

Katakolon, Greece - the water front

Katakolon water front

After a day at sea, Katakolon in Greece was our first port of call. Two optional excursions were available:

  • Excursion to Olympia to see the birthplace of the Olympic Games
  • A beach transfer

We chose to explore Katakolon on foot ourselves. The port is situated at the edge of the village, and the main streets are just a few hundred yards away.

Katakolon is clearly aimed at the tourist, in particular those coming ashore from the cruise liners. The main street was a buzzing throng of souvenir shops selling the usual tourist tat!

Sadly there was little opportunity to window-shop. We paused to look in the window of a jeweller’s shop and were immediately targeted by the shopkeeper who was keen to entice us inside. This was unfortunate and who knows, perhaps his fervour meant he prevented us making an impulse purchase? But perhaps our discomfort was just another symptom of the reticent British tourist abroad!

Katakolon, Greece

Katakolon off the main street

After exploring the main street (and studiously avoiding looking in shop windows) we stopped at a quintessentially Greek café where we sampled their cappuccino. Greece is very expensive at the moment, something compounded by the country’s economic problems and an unfavourable Euro exchange rate. I’m pleased to say the coffee was good, but at nearly £10 for two cups, it was an expensive refreshment break!

At the end of the main street, you will find the Katakolon Museum of Ancient Greek Technology. With an entry fee of just €3, this is well worth a visit. The museum is small, but contains a wealth of ancient technology. It was manned by a charming and very knowledgeable young man who spoke excellent English. He demonstrated some of the exhibits and was available to answer any questions during our visit. The museums in Katakolon close at 3.30pm, so it’s worth putting them at the top of your agenda.

The bougainvillea thrive in Katakolon

The bougainvillea thrive in Katakolon

Walking back from the museum, we took the old main street (Ioannou Belousi) which runs parallel to the tourist area. There, in a wonderful baker and confectioner’s shop, we bought an ice-cream and saw the ‘real’ Katakolon as we strolled back towards the port. Before boarding the ship we walked up the hill away from the town towards the headland, in search of Katakolon’s illusive light house – we didn’t find it, but the views of the port were stunning.

The Coral and MSC Musica at Katakolon

The Coral and MSC Musica at Katakolon

Katakolon was a bit too touristy for our tastes, but it was an enjoyable afternoon none-the-less.