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Life boat drill

Including the lifeboat drill on a cruise review might seem a little unusual, but MV Coral’s efficiency and safety procedures are well worth a mention.

This was our third cruise, and our first with Louis Cruises. On our first cruise, our flight was delayed and we were among 30 late arrivals at the cruise ship. By the time we found out what was going on and where we were meant to be, we missed half the lifeboat drill. On our second cruise, the lifeboat drill could only be described as shambolic. Crew and passengers were all equally bemused by the process!

The lifeboat drill aboard MV Coral was well-managed and efficient. As usual with cruise ships, emergency information was on the inside of the cabin door. The front of each lifejacket was clearly marked with the muster station and the lifeboat number.

Passengers were directed to their muster stations by crew. Our muster station was on the Lido deck. Each passenger’s name was ticked off and we were lined up on the deck until the drill was complete and everyone was accounted for.

There were several older and less mobile passengers onboard, and the crew were attentive and aware of their needs: the less able were helped and chairs provided for those who were unable to stand for any length of time.

Unlike our previous experiences, I felt confident we would know what to do and what to expect if there was an emergency. Sadly, there are always a number of passengers who regard lifeboat drills as a personal inconvenience. They tut and complain and begrudgingly take part. Lifeboat drills are a legal requirement and essential to the health and safety of everyone on board. Congratulations to the crew of MV Coral on their well-practised drill.

Health and safety on board MV Coral

The lifeboat drill was not the only example of the efficiency of MV Coral’s health and safety procedures. Anti-bacterial gel was available in all the restaurant areas, as it is on all other cruise ships. Public areas were kept very cool to prevent any incubation of bacteria, cruise ships being breeding grounds for dangerous infections such as Norovirus.

Even the Coral’s Safety Officer was present during the BBQ held on deck while the ship was moored at Mykonos. (Sadly he didn’t take part in the impromptu cabaret!)

While health and safety regulations can be tiresome, it is good to see a company taking its responsibilities to its passengers seriously.