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Drinks packages

When we boarded the MV Coral at Genoa, all-inclusive drinks packages were promoted. This was a ‘today only’ special offer, allowing you to buy into either an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks package at a reduced price.

The Nefeli Bar on the MV Coral

The Nefeli Bar on the MV Coral

Being canny, we decided to investigate the drinks prices before buying one of the packages. The conditions stated each passenger in the cabin had to buy the chosen package, for obvious reasons. Drinks were available from 10am onwards and the card was valid until the end of the cruise.

After some consideration, we decided to buy the non-alcoholic drinks package. We’re not big drinkers and knew we simply wouldn’t drink enough alcohol to make the other a viable purchase.

Alcoholic Drinks Package

The alcoholic drinks package included beers, spirits, cocktails and all the soft drinks, teas and coffees on the bar menu. The cost of this was in the region of €240 per person.

Non-alcoholic Drinks Package

This package allowed us unlimited soft drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails, bottles of water and tea and coffee for the duration of the cruise. At the special offer price of €120, it was a good purchase. Buying this meant we could have unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, as much water as we wanted, and tea and coffee on demand without having to worry about our bar bill.

We kept our card receipts and did a quick calculation at the end of the cruise – and yes – it did work out to be good value for money. We got the better deal, but don’t tell Louis Cruises that!

The drinks package option wasn’t without its disappointments though. Several of the non-alcoholic cocktails used banana syrup which wasn’t available. This did limit our choice somewhat, and it was a bit of a let-down as they sounded really quite delicious!

Also, not every bar had the equipment necessary to make all the drinks. For example: David’s favourite, the Aegean Fruit Smash, wasn’t available in the Nefeli Bar because it wasn’t equipped with a blender. Fortunately, my favourite tipple – a delicious iced coffee with caramel – was, and I’m sure this accounted for as many extra inches on my waistline as the food onboard the Coral.