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Cabin accomodation

Our cabin on MV Coral was situated on the Venus Deck: VO24. This was a ‘superior inside cabin’ and, as the cruise was at capacity, it was the only one available when we booked.

VO24 is in an excellent position. We were just a short distance away from the ship’s reception area and the onboard shops. A few feet from our door were stairs leading to the upper decks. This meant we could be on deck in an instant and pop back to the cabin quickly and easily whenever we wanted.

Inside cabin on the MV Coral

Inside cabin on the MV Coral

Everyone has their own preferences on cruising holidays. We spend little time in our cabin, preferring to enjoy being on deck as much as possible. To us, it makes sense to choose a lower-cost inside cabin and spend our money on other more enjoyable things. However, while outside cabins and state rooms are obviously better appointed than the cheaper inside accommodation, we do still expect our cabins to be clean, comfortable and, of course, air-conditioned.

Despite not having a window or any luxurious trappings, our cabin measured up well. Although small, it was clean and perfectly adequate for our needs. The cabin could accommodate three people: with twin beds and a bunk available for a child or a third member of the party, if needed.

A bedside table with a lamp served both the twin beds, and the cabin furniture included a built-in dressing table and wardrobe, and a free-standing chair. Additional hooks were available on the wall and on the back of the door, useful for hanging up those longer posh frocks – essential cruise attire! The cabin also had an en-suite shower room with WC and wash basin.

The beds were comfortable, but vibration from the engines was noticeable when lying in bed. This is something we’ve experienced before on other cruises and the problem was quickly solved by sleeping with our heads at the foot of the bed!

MV Coral is not a new ship, and this is reflected in the cabin accommodation. There were a few niggles, but nothing of any great concern. The hinges on the wardrobe door creaked and groaned alarmingly, but a little lubrication with a dab of E45 cream and a cotton bud worked a treat!

The screws on the catch keeping the wardrobe door closed had a habit of working themselves loose, preventing the door from closing properly. A quick fiddle with a pair of tweezers sorted this out (we didn’t go equipped with a screwdriver!) However, we did report this to the Purser’s office before leaving the Coral and were assured it would be sorted out before the next passengers moved in.

There was a plentiful supply of hot water, although the temperature of the shower was affected by demand. At peak times, maintaining the water temperature was challenging!

Cabin crew on MV Coral

Towel-art dogs, courtesy of our cabin staff

Towel-art dogs, courtesy of our cabin staff

Our cabin was serviced by two delightful girls who ensured it was kept clean and tidy throughout the cruise. Beds were made up promptly and turned down at night, and we were treated to regular demonstrations of their towel art skills.

They were pleasant, helpful and attentive throughout the cruise. On the first night onboard I had a shower, not noticing the curtain wasn’t quite long enough. As a result I had to mop up the floor and the shower mat was soaked. This was immediately spotted by the cabin crew, the shower curtain was replaced, and a fresh mat laid out. 10 /10 for service!

Our unconventional way of sleeping was also noticed by the cabin stewardesses and our beds made up accordingly. This sort of service is exceptional, much appreciated, and what a cruise holiday is all about!